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Antonina Andreeva

Antonina is a Coach, Author, Channel and Creatrix of One Above Queen, Empress Rising & Priestess Unleashed. As well as a Co-Founder & facilitator of Experiential Adventure Mastermind aka #sailingactivations

An author, Feminine Leadership Mentor and a thought leader on subjects such as: Integrating the Feminine + Masculine energies, opening you up to Millionaire Consciousness and accessing your Soul’s Purpose

She spent more than a decade studying & working in the field of Energetics, DNA, Cellular Consciousness, Matrix healing and Akashic Records. Studying Eastern therapies and under the apprenticeship of the best of the best.

When she is not coaching clients from all over the globe, she’s likely to be wrestling her 9 year old to bed or burning pizza because #contrasts.

Current Offerings

New Wave Energy Activation

DNA level healing positioned specifically to align you with the NEW WAVE Energy that’s incoming to this planet

Venus Re-Birth

An 8-week exploration of your turn on, upgrade of your core identity and a business level up.
A FREQUENCY play designed with YOU in mind.

Leadership | Success Consciousness | Emotional Mastery + Soul Led Strategy | Design, sell, deliver